Banner image of Racing to #bring life back to life

There is a lot at stake and not a moment to lose

One way or another, the global COVID-19 pandemic stripped each of us of life as we knew it.

For the first time in our lives, we had to stay away from our loved ones, our community, our work, and our social inter-connectedness.

We now appreciate the little experiences we took for granted… A hug. A handshake. A kiss on the forehead. A vacation. A pilgrimage.

The pandemic affected our livelihoods, our happiness and peace of mind. But there is a silver lining and we are moving ahead with measured opti-mism.

We need to continue to follow social distancing and safety protocols, but with the arrival of the vaccine, together, and only together can we bring life back to life!

Sinopharm vaccine available to all UAE residents for free

Sinopharm inactivated vaccine is widely available today in the UAE, in the region and worldwide. Inactivated vaccines have been used for over a century to fight polio, rabies and cholera, to name a few.

4Humanity was the world’s first phase III clinical trial of a COVID-19 inactivated vaccine. The trial was launched in the UAE in July 2020, and has since expanded to Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt with over 42,000 volunteers participating in the ongoing study.

Within the UAE, over 31,000 volunteers from over 125 nationalities participated, making it one of the most diverse COVID-19 vaccine trials in the world.

The Sinopharm vaccine received Emergency Use Authorisation in September 2020 from MOHAP, to protect frontline workers. Following the interim results submission, it was officially registered in the UAE on 9th December 2020. Bahrain, Egypt and China have also now registered the vaccine.

From the two interim analysis reports, the core results are consistent – the positive conversion rate is above 99%, and the protection rate is 100% against moderate to severe cases. In addition, the vaccine has established a robust safety profile throughout the large-scale global trials and widespread emergency use programs.